Change How The World Works.

Assembling a team to do that isn't easy. Luckily, we don't have to. This isn't our purpose alone. It belongs to legions of visionaries, coaches, and leaders around the world, who have reached out to us and reaffirmed our belief that change is coming. Slowly and deliberately we're adding to our ranks people of every conceivable background. Global voices that have seen what is needed far and away. Former clients that have fought the status quo and won. Academics that have studied the history of how we got here. Psychologists uncovering the mental models we need to change.

We seek only the ambitious. The ones who know that the world's problems won't wait for our systems to fix themselves. And when you see it this way, there are only two kinds of people out there.

We are The Ready.


  Sharan Bal

Sharan Bal

  Michelle Beatty

Michelle Beatty

Tim Casasola

  Oday Kamal

Oday Kamal

  Kathryn Maloney

Kathryn Maloney

  Yehudi Meshchaninov

Yehudi Meshchaninov

  Spencer Pitman

Spencer Pitman

  Ali Randel

Ali Randel



  Larissa Conte  San Francisco

Larissa Conte San Francisco

  Aaron Dignan  Denver

Aaron Dignan Denver

  Kate Earle  Philadelphia

Kate Earle Philadelphia

  Rodney Evans  Durham

Rodney Evans Durham

  Mack Fogelson  Fort Collins

Mack Fogelson Fort Collins

  Laine Forman  San Francisco

Laine Forman San Francisco

  MJ Kaplan  Providence

MJ Kaplan Providence

  Christine Lai  San Francisco

Christine Lai San Francisco

  Kate MacAleavey  San Francisco

Kate MacAleavey San Francisco

  Sam Spurlin  Washington D.C.

Sam Spurlin Washington D.C.

  Will Watson  Sewanee

Will Watson Sewanee



  Lisa Gill  England

Lisa Gill England

  Jurriaan Kamer  Netherlands

Jurriaan Kamer Netherlands

  Kate Leto  England

Kate Leto England

  Tom Nixon  England

Tom Nixon England