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Every leader knows that change is needed. To eliminate or avoid bureaucracy, we must discover and scale new ways of working that prioritize autonomy, agility, and impact. There’s just one problem: change management doesn’t work. We can’t reinvent our organizations with the same predict-and-control ethos that we’re trying to escape. We need to start the way we mean to finish—with an emergent and participatory approach. We need to ask every employee: “What’s stopping you from doing the best work of your life?” and give them the tools and the power to reimagine the way they work.


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You’re ready to reinvent your organization and discover a better way of working. But you want help from those who have been there before. Let our coaches and facilitators guide you as you unlock a more adaptive and human OS.

Our transformation projects teach teams-of-teams how to leverage continuous participatory change—a proven process for reimagining complex organizations.


You have an opportunity to bring everyone together. This could be their first taste of the future of work, or you might be ready for a master class on decision making, dynamic budgeting, or organizational structure.

Our facilitators design and deliver immersive experiences that defy convention and demand participation. You create the space, and we’ll help you make the most of it.



You know you need to drive change, but the moment isn’t right for an intensive OS Transformation. You want ongoing support from someone who’s been there before, and access to the best thinking in org design.

Our advisory projects pair a senior coach with you for biweekly coaching sessions, on-call thought partnership, and curated content and tools. It’s do-it-yourself, but you’re not alone out there.



We help leaders and teams create the inspiration, space, and participation that unlocks a whole new level of performance. We don’t do this with posters and powerpoint. Instead, we start with an invitation—a chance for teams to pilot new ways of working and eliminate organizational debt that has been standing in their way for years. In successive waves of disciplined experimentation and learning, teams have the ability to methodically reinvent their organization’s OS. Along the way, we offer advice, facilitation, and guidance.

When we start by starting (rather than debating and perfecting) teams experience immediate benefits and the behavior and mindset changes we seek begin to spread naturally. It’s hard to watch the team down the hall become highly engaged, unbound by process, faster and more effective, and (dare we say it) happier, and not wonder why the whole company doesn’t work that way. In the end, a lot of our work is about helping leaders get out of the way so that the cultures they’ve always longed for can emerge.



“The problem isn’t our people. It’s not our leaders either. It’s our operating system. Get that right, and the organization runs itself.”


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