All of our projects share the same basic goal: to make organizations more adaptive, meaningful, and abundant places for everyone involved. What does differ are the starting points – the moments when a leader or a team recognizes that they're ready to be deliberate about their way of thinking, working, and organizing. Sometimes our work is focused on a culture 300,000 strong. Other times it's a single team on a mission. Here are the five most popular ways to engage us:



Organization Transformation

Change the way you work at scale

Become faster, more adaptive, and more innovative

Lead a large scale transformation across teams and cultures 


Organization Design

Envision a new operating system

Rethink structure, roles, authority, and decisions

Use new principles to eliminate organizational debt


Leadership Development

Develop new mindsets through coaching

Teach leaders how to unleash peak performance

Immersive workshops and intensive one-on-one coaching sessions


Team Effectiveness

Create a culture of unstoppable dynamic teams

Embed new meeting rhythms and transparent operations

Teach people how to team in rapidly changing environments


Executive Transitions

Make the first 100 days count

Identify quick moves that can have outsized impact

Understand the culture you've inherited and its operating system