Here's where we are in our transformation journey...

Citi US Cards Transformation Journey v3.001.jpeg

(Last updated April 12th, 2018)


The visual above describes where we're at as an organization in our transformation.

As you can see, some changes are structural, some of it is trying new ways of working (starting with Value, DM, and Rewards), testing new initiatives (Transformation Coffee, Culture Innovation Sessions, Collaborate), and iterating our approach as we go.

Here's how you can get involved

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We (the Transformation Core Team) have four major workstreams happening currently:

  1. Transformation Coffee
  2. Innovation Sessions
  3. Pilot Teams
  4. Collaborate

Each workstream is interconnected. Each provides you an opportunity to stay informed about the transformation and a forum to bring suggestions for how we can continue to transform.

We invite you to join the Transformation Coffee and upcoming the culture innovation sessions (happening in NYC and DE). To ask a question or bring up a suggestion, post in the Discussion section of the US Cards Transformation Collaborate website. 

If you're interested in piloting new ways of working with your teams, read this guide on why we pilot and how we do it, and check out the tools & practices section of this site. You can also shoot us an email if you'd like support bringing these ways of working to your teams.

  Download this guide  on what a pilot is, why we do it, and how to start.

Download this guide on what a pilot is, why we do it, and how to start.

Our goal for US Cards is self-sustained continuous improvement. True organizational transformation isn't a linear process with a clear end date. It's living and breathing change day-to-day.

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