Agile Principles

Transformation is uncomfortable! It means breaking old habits, behaviors, and patterns and practicing new ones. These eight principles are our guidelines for how we show up, so that we can start creating new habits and behaviors that move us toward a better way of working. 

Small Moves over Big Moves
Break the work into chunk, avoid grand reveals, share frequently. 

Progress over Perfection
Share early and often. Try something new. Accept failure as an outcome .

Less over More
Prioritize and focus. Limit what's on your plate to what's most essential. Say "no".

Experimentation over Planning
Steer continuously. Conduct retrospectives. Learn and adapt.

Consent over Consensus
Default to safe to try. Disagree but commit. Make complex decisions quickly.

Freedom over Control
Autonomous teams. Avoid Highest Paid Person's Opinion. Give advice, not instruction.

Open over Closed
Default to transparency. Work in Public. Practice Vulnerability. Give and receive feedback.

Pull over Push
Provide everyone opportunity to opt-in. Don't force the change.