We’re changing the way we work at US Cards. And this is not easy.

Change requires you to be willing to unlearn behaviors you’re used to and to have courage to try (and fail) at something new.

This is why you’ve learned new practices. Practices give you and your teams the space to test and learn working in a new way.

Here are six practices pilot teams across US Cards have been experimenting with, along with resources that explain each practice in depth.

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Share this page with your team, your colleagues, and anyone interested and willing to try working in an agile way.

–The Ready (Sharan, Tim, and Yehudi)

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Team Charter

Your team’s shared source of truth on what the team purpose, accountabilities, decision rights, and working agreements are.


Team Charter Template. Fill this out with your team. [Word doc]

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Action Meetings

Your team’s weekly meeting to coordinate and quickly move the work forward.


How to Run an Action Meeting. Learn how to facilitate the process of the Action Meeting.

Action Meeting Template. Use this doc to live scribe Projects, Agenda Items, and Next Actions in your action meeting. [Word Doc]

How to Have the Best Meeting of Your Week. An in-depth article on how to facilitate an action meeting with your team.

Integrative Decision Making (IDM)

Your team’s tool for making complex decisions quickly, inclusively, and safely.


IDM Card. A handy 1-pager of the IDM process. Use this as a reference when using IDM. [PDF]

IDM Deck. An in-depth explainer on IDM. Use this to help others understand the rationale of the process. [PDF]


Your team’s monthly meeting to create a shared understanding of what’s working well, what’s getting in the way, and what changes you all need to make in order to be successful.


How to Run a Retrospective. A short guide on facilitating a retrospective with your team. [Link]

Agile Retrospective Wiki. A resource that shares tips & tricks on facilitating retrospectives, and different formats you can use. [Link]

Strategy Statements

Your team’s explicit near-term tradeoffs, so that everyone knows what to (and what not to) prioritize.


On Strategy Statements. An explainer on what strategy statements are and how to craft them with your team. [PDF]

Essential Intent

Your team’s long-term strategy for achieving its purpose.


How to Craft an Essential Intent. Some guidelines on what makes a good essential intent and how to craft one. Refer to this when your team is looking to articulate its long-term strategy. [PDF]

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