Agile Ways of Working

A Toolkit

“What are these agile practices? How might I try them with my team?”

Below is your agile ways of working toolkit.

Change the Way You Meet

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Video: How To Run an Action Meeting. A structured meeting type to help your team rapidly go through tons of agenda items.

Check-In and Check Out Rounds. A list of our favorite questions you can use in a check in and closing round. Use them to build relationships, lighten the mood, get serious about the work, set intentions, build new habits, and reflect.

Meeting Cards. The most agile teams are intentional about their routines. They think deeply about how often they have what kind of meetings. These cards introduce different types of meetings: action,  project planning, decision making, retrospective, and more.

Meeting Moves. Different “moves” master facilitators use to make their meetings more collaborative, participative, and fun. They are a menu of options you can mix and match to fit the needs of any situation. 

More Ways of Working. Tools and "mini meeting structures" your extended leadership team has used that you can facilitate in your next team meeting.

Change the Way You Make Decisions

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Integrative Decision-Making Deck. A decision making process that allows teams to make complex decisions without getting stuck in consensus. 

Integrative Decision-Making Cards. A one page card that outlines this decision making process.


Change the Way You Team

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Principles of Dynamic Teams (Powerpoint or PDF). Teams in a structure that supports end-to-end accountability are different than the average team. They default to open, continuously steer, are highly autonomous, and use consent over consensus



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