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Change How The World Works

New Ways of Working

@ Citi US Cards

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Let's transform the way we work.

US Cards has begun to use new tools and practices that support its effort in becoming a more agile organization. The intention of this microsite is to share these tools and practices with the rest of the organization so that anyone who is curious can have a chance to learn more.

We encourage you to read/watch what interests you. The process of becoming an agile organization does not happen overnight. It only happens when individuals within the organization begin learning, thinking, and working in a new way.


US Cards Transformation Journey

How much progress have we made? Where are we in our transformation? How do I get involved? Find out here.

Agile Principles

Transforming the way we work can take on different shapes and forms. However, almost all of this work is united by the application of a few key principles. See how you can bring them to life in your work here

Tools and Practices 

Your team can start using concrete, specific practices to start improving the way you work and interact. Find practices the organization has been experimenting with here.  

Resources on Transformation

Working in a new way requires all of us to spend some time learning. Immerse yourself in articles and videos that challenge your assumptions about leadership, teaming, and transformation here

Want help trying these practices with your team?

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