State of the Project

Organization design consulting firm The Ready has been working with FreshDirect since January 2017. This page is a summary of the work they've done so far and a look into the future at the work that is still to come.


January - Discovery

The goal of the first month of work was to learn as much about FreshDirect's current organizational operating system. Many 1:1 and group interviews were held with members of the Merch & Marketing groups. Additionally, a pulse survey was sent out to these same groups. Finally, meeting observations and existing cultural documents were reviewed. The culmination of this month was a Discovery Playback presentation and formal written report that was given to the Core Team.

February - Core & Coalition Building

The primary goals for the second month of the project were to plan, design, and execute a compelling offsite experience for the entire Merch & Marketing organizations and to begin teaching the Core Team more of the philosophy and principles of org design. Coming out of the Offsite Event, we wanted to take the ideas and energy created during the event and figure out a way to channel them into the first wave of pilot teams. 

We decided that the best way to tackle the various tensions articulated during the Offsite was not to simply make teams and have them tackle the tensions directly but to instead create mission based teams who would begin to address the tensions by working on real work but in a new way.



March - Wave 1 Pilot Guidance and Coalition Engagement

The third month has been focused on guiding and coaching the Wave 1 Pilots as they pursue their missions. Each team went through a team chartering exercise and are now using Slack, Trello, and are conducting a weekly Action Meeting. The Coalition has been invited to Slack and are starting to share articles and conversations around how to support this transformation work at FreshDirect. The Core Team has begun 1:1 coaching with The Ready.