Working in a new way requires all of us to spend some time learning new ways of thinking, behaving, and operating. Immersing yourself in articles, videos, and other resources that challenge your assumptions about how work has to happen is a great way to get on the path to a better organizational operating system.


The Basics of Better Org Design

We believe there is a fundamental shift happening in the way organizations and people work. The starting point for understanding new ways of working and organizing are the articles and videos below. Spend some time with these resources to get started on the journey toward better work.



The Fields of the Organizational Canvas


Structure & Space

What is the role of structure in an organization? What is the role of physical space and location? What is good structure? What is good space? What is the current organizational structure? How does the structure learn or change over time? How does the space learn or change over time?


Authority & Decisions (Coming Soon!)

What is authority? What constitutes a decision? How should authority be distributed? How many kinds of decisions exist? How should different kinds of decisions be made? What decision rights do all members have? What is the mechanism for changing the authority structure or decision process?


Information & Communication

What is the role of information? What is the role of communication? How should information flow through an organization? What information is public? What information is private? Why? How should members communicate? What tools or systems support this? What communication styles are helpful and effective?


Meetings, Rhythm, and Coordination

What is the purpose of meetings? What is a good meeting?What types of meetings does the organization require? What is the ops rhythm? How do teams that need to collaborate coordinate their activities? How is the work paced? How often do you deliver, share, retrospect, strategize, and govern?


Policy & Governance

How is the organization directed and controlled? What is the role of policy in the organization? How is policy created, documented, and changed? How can we be sure that the organization is achieving its purpose and serving its stakeholders?