Weekly Theory Blurbs

Some folks have mentioned that it would be helpful to hear more about the “why” behind some of the practices we have been moving towards. Therefore, started a weekly theory blurb s to jam about some of the ideas and theories behind what we have been doing. Here are the first two:

  1. Lessons for Mods Transformation from the 49ers.
  2. Lessons for Mods Transformation from the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC)

Weekly Ships

Every week, we had a Weekly Ship in Slack: a summary of what happened that week, what's coming up, and what we'll need to do as an organization moving forward. Here's an archive of our Weekly Ships:

  1. Weekly Ship 2/10/17
  2. Weekly Ship 2/17/17
  3. Weekly Ship 2/24/17
  4. Weekly Ship 3/2/17
  5. Weekly Ship 3/10/17
  6. Weekly Ship 3/17/17
  7. Weekly Ship 3/24/17

Other Materials We've Used

  1. The State of Transformation @ Mods: This was a deck we made to overview the current state of Mods' transformation.
  2. Mods: Strategies and Projects: This was the output of the current strategies and projects that move forward the transformation.
  3. Red Pill/Blue Pill: This is a deck we used in the Mods Leadership Team Meeting on 3/8 to lay out the crossroads we were at.
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