FastWorks Sprints

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In January, we utilized the FastWorks framework to introduce Sprints: a safe-to-try attempt to address a need, solve a problem, or to make a process simpler or faster.  A Sprint gives anyone the opportunity to form a Mission-Based Team around a real problem. We use a Trello board called FastWorks Sprint Pipeline to visualize the progress of each Sprint. 

Some terms we've been using are:

Sprint Owners: the individuals accountable for the progress of the Sprint.

Sprint Review Meeting: the meeting owned by the Operations Mission-Based Team. This meeting is focused on getting updates on each Sprint and unblocking anything that is preventing the Sprint from moving forward.

Here are some Sprint-related resources that may be helpful to you:

  1. A Launch Guide for Sprint Owners: An FAQ for new Sprint Owners.
  2. How to Facilitate a Sprint Meeting: A step-by-step guide on facilitating an actual Sprint.
  3. How to Facilitate a Sprint Review Meeting: A step-by-step guide for facilitating a Sprint Review Meeting.