How to Get Involved

Organizational transformation is a team effort. Everyone needs to get involved if we want to be successful in changing our culture. Regardless of your position in the organization -- whether you're a manager, the CEO, or the newest hire -- there's a role for you to play. Here are some easy ways to get involved right now.


Join the FreshDirect Slack Team!

Slack is a group messaging platform that makes it easy for people in large and complex organizations to transparently communicate with each other. Joining it is super easy -- just click here and sign up with your FreshDirect or FoodKick email address. If you want some more guidance before you get started, click here to get a short guide to using Slack.

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Join the #coalition Slack channel

The #coalition channel is where everybody who is interested in organization design at FreshDirect is congregating to discuss, share, and learn about new ways of working and organizing. Some things you can do in the channel are:

  • Read and discuss articles shared by The Ready and your colleagues
  • Share articles/videos you've found that are related to organization design
  • Share observations about what is and isn't working at FreshDirect or in this project
  • Ask questions of The Ready (or your colleagues) about organization design
  • Respond to announcements about workshops and other activities related to organization design hosted by The Ready and others
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Join other interesting channels

The whole purpose of Slack is to move communication out of 1:1 email conversations and into topic-focused channels where anyone can participate and/or observe. If you click on CHANNELS on the left side of the Slack window you will see a list of all the public channels at FreshDirect. You should join any of them that are related to your work or sound interesting to you.

If you're curious about the Mission Based Teams that are working with The Ready, join any channel that ends in "-mbt" and you can follow along and participate!


Submit a broken process or policy to the Organizational Debt Bounty Program! (Coming Soon)

Do you keep bumping up against some policy or process that seems to be more trouble than it's worth? Is annoying bureaucracy getting in your way? Do you have an idea about how to do something a better way? If so, make a submission to the FreshDirect Org Debt Bounty Program! This is a program designed and developed to find broken processes and policies and remove or modify them to make it easier to work at FreshDirect. Learn more about the idea of "organizational debt" by clicking here.