New Ways of Working and Organizing at FreshDirect

Over the next few months we are introducing new concepts to FreshDirect related to contemporary ways of working and organizing, with the goal of challenging folks to think about work and working in a new way. This website contains information about the concept and the overall organizational transformation effort. 

Feel free to poke around and read/watch what interests you. The process of becoming a dynamic organization does not happen overnight. It only happens when individuals within the organization begin learning, thinking, and working in a new way.


The Principles of Dynamic Teaming (screencasts)

Dynamic teaming is best described as an organization actively wrestling with and trying to implement 10 general principles. We go through these principles of dynamic teaming in a series of screencasts. Watch them to get a better high level understanding of what it means to work and organize differently.


The FreshDirect Dynamic Teaming "Cookbook"

This is a document we're creating together to codify and institutionalize our new ways of working and organizing. Feel free to make suggestions to the Google Doc or check out the latest version of the PDF.


Recommended Reading and Watching

There are a ton of great resources out there related to dynamic teaming. Here are some of our favorites (including some of our own creation). Have something you think we should add to the list? Email us at or!


Archive of The Ready's Weekly Ships

Every week The Ready drafts a Weekly Ship that summarizes the work done, looks forward to the work still to come, and identifies the ways in which the project is currently block. You can check out the archive of Weekly Ships by clicking the button below. It's a great way to get a sense of the trajectory and history of the project.