A Fresh Way of Working

Over the next few months we are introducing new concepts, behaviors, mindsets, and tools aimed at helping us reimagine and upgrade the way we work and organize -- our organizational operating system. This website is a one-stop shop for learning some of the new concepts inherent in contemporary organizational OS'es and information about how you can get involved in the transformation effort happening at FreshDirect now.

The process of upgrading our organizational OS does not happen overnight. It only happens when individuals within the organization begin learning, thinking, and working in a new way. Explore the links below to learn more about contemporary ways of working and organizing, to find a way to get involved, and to follow the state of the project.

Updates (3/29)

  • A few new resources added to the Learn section. Want to learn more about the concept of "operating rhythm" and how it helps create space? Check out this article from The Ready member, Ali. 
  • The Getting Started with Slack document is much more detailed and has super helpful animated gifs demonstrating basic functionality. Check it out here.


Learn more about the cutting edge of org design. Get grounded in the basics of new ways of working and organizing or dive deep into specific topics like Authority & Decisions, Operating Rhythm, Meetings, & Coordination, or Information & Communication.

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There's a large scale effort to rethink our organizational operating system at FreshDirect -- and you can get involved today!

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State of the Project

The Ready has been helping FreshDirect since January 2017. Transparency is one of our key principles so click here to learn about everything The Ready has done so far, what they're doing right now, and what the future of this project looks like.