We help organizations create the space and participation required to discover a new way of working that unlocks performance. We do this through a cyclical pattern of experimentation that embeds a habit of continuous participatory change called The Ready Loop:


The Ready Loop contains three stages, repeated by teams across the organization as they search for and scale a better way of working:

Lasting change can’t come from above. It has to come from within.

Tension - We help the culture find and make sense of its own patterns, tensions, and untapped potential.

Tactic - We help the culture imagine and discover new mindsets and practices that will change what’s possible.

Trial - We help teams design and run experiments to test and scale new practices in their day-to-day workflow.

When the first few teams start working in a new way, you'll see mindsets change and behavior spread. Transformation will go from something you do, to something that’s creating value.


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