Principles of Agile

The best agile teams are actively wrestling with and trying to implement 7 general principles. These constitute the minimum possible agreements that we can have with each other to get positive outcomes. We've tried to distill Agile and Lean methodologies into a set of simple of rules that are digestible and manageable, and also fairly open-ended in their application.  This page will give you a better high level understanding of each of them and what it means to work and organize differently. You can download individual cards for each principle here

Small Moves over Big Moves
Break the work into chunk, avoid grand reveals, share frequently. 

Progress over Perfection
Share early and often. Try something new. Accept failure as an outcome .

Less over More
Prioritize and focus. Limit work-in-progress. Say "no".

Experimentation over Planning
Steer continuously. Conduct retrospectives. Learn and adapt.

Consent over Consensus
Default to safe to try. Disagree but commit.

Open over Closed
Default to transparency. Work in Public. Practice Vulnerability. Give and receive feedback.

Freedom over Control
Autonomous teams. Avoid Highest Paid Person's Opinion. Give Advice not instruction.

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