Organizations are struggling to keep up with the pace of change. Decisions drag on for weeks or months. People are frustrated. We're overwhelmed by the complexity of our age. And the constant flow of meetings and email distracts us from the actual work. Our most important institutions are running on an operating system that was designed over 100 years ago for a world that no longer exists.

It's time for a change. But this is unlike anything you've ever contemplated before. This is not a mere reorganization. It doesn't end with an org chart. This is about your organization's way of working – its operating system. The organizational OS. And it is deeply encoded.

Lasting change can’t come from above. It has to come from within.

What will you do? Your first instinct might be to lead. To pronounce the change. To hire someone to design the future and play it back to you in the boardroom. But lasting change can't come from above. It has to come from within.

Your job in this moment of transition and transformation is to create and protect the space for continuous participatory change – the hallmark of all resilient cultures. 

We help you and your team create the context, the space, the inspiration, and the path to a new way of working and organizing that unlocks a whole new level of performance. We do this by piloting a new OS and inviting the organization to the change in successive waves.

The Ready plays four roles in this work:

Ethnographers - We study your teams and culture to reveal patterns, tensions, and untapped potential

Guardians - We help you identify, define, and protect the space in which this experiment unfolds

Explorers - We search far and wide to bring you new principles and practices from pioneer organizations at the edge

Coaches - We coach leaders and teams in the midst of their actual work – connecting theory with real world practice

In each role, we bring to bear powerful tools, both new and old. After more than a year of research and development drawing from over 50 leading organizations and management theorists, we are now leveraging a new tool called The OS Canvas in all our projects. This tool allows us to map the current and future state of the organization across nine different dimensions of the OS, including Structure & Space, Authority & Decisions, and Meetings, Rhythm & Coordination, to name a few. For more on the canvas, we recommend this foundational article from our publication.

When the first few teams start working in a new way, you'll see mindsets change and behavior spread. Transformation will go from something you do, to something you release. It’s hard to watch a team down the hall sitting together, highly engaged, unbound by process, shipping work every week, and getting accolades for it, and not wonder why the whole company doesn’t work that way. When that time comes, all you'll have to do, is get out of the way. And get back to work.

If you're ready to get started: