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Agile Ways of Working


Agile Ways of Working @ Bloomin' Brands

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing new concepts at Bloomin' related to agile ways of working and organizing. This website will contain all the information from our sessions.

Feel free to poke around and read/watch what interests you. The process of becoming an agile organization does not happen overnight. It only happens when individuals within the organization begin learning, thinking, and working in a new way.


Simple Rules for Agile

Transforming the way we work can take on different shapes and forms. However, almost all of this work is united by the application of a few key principles. See how you can bring them to life in your work here

Common Practices 

Agile practices aren't restricted to IT or software development, any team can start using retrospectives, visual management, or any other tactic to change the way they work. Find new ways of working to get your team into "agile working mode" here.  

Resources on Agile

Working in a new way requires all of us to spend some time learning about new ways of thinking, behaving, and operating. Immerse yourself in articles, videos, and other resources that challenge your assumptions about how work has to happen here

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Decks by The Ready

You can revisit the content we covered together at any point by downloading our decks. Access our presentations and trainings here

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